Total Invested: 3354.00070196 BTC Total Paid: 349.70537371 BTC

Ultrafarm Limited is quite young but also ambitious company. This is a team of enthusiasts and experts in the field of computer research. In 2016, a group of technical specialists started to create a data center based on ASIC-miners. Initially, the group generated Bitcoin based on SHA-256 algorithm. Currently, the company also uses new algorithms such as Scrypt and X11 for production of more affordable and derivative cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Darkcoin and Dogecoin. Strong technical base and advantageous geographical location of the mining farm allow the company to generate coins with high performance.

To date, Ultrafarm Limited has developed an online platform for profitable investments with daily income accruals and payouts. From now to earn with cryptocurrency generation, you do not need to have powerful hardware or even use your personal computer. Entrust it to professionals and be sure about the quality of their work and your earnings as well.

Investment duration (Days) DAYS
AMOUNT: 0.0001 B
DAILY PROFIT: 0.00008400 B
TOTAL PROFIT: 0.00008400 B

To become an investor of Ultrafarm Limited you will need a minimum of required actions. To get started, register an account and check the terms of cooperation below in this section. Given the fact that we offer one single investment strategy, you will only determine the size of your deposit to earn from 10% to 15% daily. The minimum amount that you can send as a principal deposit is just 0.001 BTC. The company only accepts Bitcoin, this is our main financial instrument.

Profit is only accrued during calendar days, 7 times a week, from Monday to Sunday. The first one is after full 24 hours after the addition of your deposit in your account. All your deposits will run forever, it means that you can invest just once to get profits consistently, day after day, until the company decides about the change of conditions. Earnings are gathered on your account balance, where you can withdraw any amount over 0.0005 BTC.

No additional limitations exist - you can withdraw any profits according to a schedule that you will make by yourself! Moreover, the company does not have any restrictions nor in the maximum amount of the deposit, nor in their numbers. You can have as many deposits at the same time as you want.

The draw of Ferrari 488 GTB Italia every two weeks!
Ultrafarm Limited holds a lottery among investors with a deposit of 10 Bitcoin. Every Sunday, a special prize - a sports car - finds its owner regardless of the country where the winner lives: the company takes care of all costs associated with the delivery of the winning, as well as necessary paperwork and paying all taxes. All your investments are summed up, and if the size of the active deposit exceeds, for example, 20 Bitcoin, your chances are doubled! Experience your fate and get a car from Ultrafarm Limited!

Ultrafarm Limited took care not only of safe investment - we closely monitor all innovations in the information security market to make your participation as safe and reliable as possible. Your personal information and financial assets are under constant control!